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Otamotz Bezeroa: Zintzo Mintzo Euskaltzale Elkartea
Zerbitzua: Urretxu eta Zumarragako atari digitalaren berdiseinua, joomlatik wordpressera migrazioa, "responsive" txantiloia

Blaiblai Bezeroa: BlaiBlai
Zerbitzua: Denda sarean, SEM, SEO.
El Rincón del Bacalao Bezeroa: El Rincón del Bacalao
Zerbitzua: Merkataritza elektronikoa

SMG Bezeroa: SMG Empresa
Zerbitzua: web garapena, emailingak
Euskaltel Euskadi Bezeroa: Euskaltel Euskadi
Zerbitzua: Diseinua eta webgunearen garapena.

Euskaltel Bezeroa: Euskaltel
Zerbitzua: berdiseinuan parte hartuz, informazioaren egituraketa, emailing sistema, bezero kanpo sarea, eta abar.

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Marketingak eskaintzen dituen tresnak egokitzen dizkizugu, kanpainak kaleratuz.

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A blog about interface and product design by Joshua Porter
  • How architecture can inform UI design

    It is said that all designers wished they were architects…or something like that. Over at the Percolate blog former architect Melissa Mandelbaum has written Applying Architecture to Product Design: Lesson 1 – Circulation in which she points out the architectural principle of circulation is pretty much the same thing as...

  • Why Apple doesn’t do MVPs

    The Biggest Lesson I Learned as an Apple Designer is a thoughtful piece that pushes back on the standard advice given out today of creating an MVP (minimum viable product) and learning as you go. It comes from a former Apple designer, Mark Kawano (who also wrote about Apple’s design...

  • Secret, you keep using that word…

    After calling the app “Secret”, letting everyone who uses it think it’s secret, the founder of Secret now acknowledges that the information you submit is not, in fact, secret: “The thing we try to help people acknowledge is that anonymous doesn’t mean untraceable,” David Byttow, chief executive and co-founder of...

  • Is your product a Hafta or Wanna?

    In his insightful article, Why Behavior Change Apps Don’t Work, Nir Eyal brings up a crucial point about the habits we form (or fail to form) around the products we use. “Unfortunately, too many well-intentioned products fail because they feel like “haftas,” things people are obligated to do, as opposed...

  • Go after feedback with a club

    Jack London, the author of The Call of the Wild, was talking about writing when he said “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” The product design equivalent is: You can’t wait for feedback. You have to go after it with a club....

  • Customer research = secrets?

    An interesting article by Vinicius Vacanti, founder/CEO of Yipit: The Secrets Behind Many Successful Startups. In 2010 Yipit knew a secret about what was happening in the daily deals marketplace (that daily deals were exploding) and they were able to take advantage of it by creating a daily deals aggregator....